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Government announces Jobs Initiative – ‘Connect Ireland’ (March 2012)

It will be interesting to see what take up there will be on the latest Government jobs initiative launched “Succeed in Ireland”. It is an innovative programme, launched on 8th March 2012. It aims to create 5000 jobs within five years by targeting international companies and business people, who would otherwise not be reached by the State enterprise agencies, for employment opportunities to Ireland. The initiative will provide direct financial incentives to people around the world to create employment in Ireland by making payments to people responsible for bringing sustainable jobs to Ireland. Small and medium sized companies around the world considering expansion, but who would not be large enough to be reached by the State enterprise agencies, will be targeted in particular by the new initiative. The Irish community around the world will be a major focus of the programme.
The initiative will be managed by IDA Ireland, which has appointed to promote and deliver the initiative. will use referral marketing to generate interest in the initiative. It is a four step programme as follows;
1st Step: Register with Connect Ireland
2nd Step: The Company Assessment
3rd Step: Approved Connector
4th Step: The Reward, €1,500 per job created, up to a max of a hundred jobs / €150,000. The first part of the reward is paid after the first year of trading and the remaining half is paid at the end of the second year of trading.
The initiative is a collaboration between businessman Terry Clune, IDA Ireland and the Irish Government and is part of the Irish Governments Action Plan 2012 for jobs creation.