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Business plans for start-ups

10 key questions
1. What is the product or service?
2. What is its unique value propositions? i.e. difference to the rest of the crowd
3. What’s the market opportunity?
4. What is the strategy or vision? Long term vision (first step), short term vision (second).
5. How do you sell your product?
6. Who is the management team, can they deliver?
7. How much seed capital do you need to get started?
8. What are the projected financials, how much profit can you make and how much cash will it take to growth the business?
9. What’s the potential valuation of your company in 5 year’s time?
10. Do you have a business plan and an implementation programme?
It’s a widely known fact that less than 2/3rds of businesses survive the first 2 years and less than 50% survive 5 years. For assistance on putting your plan in place today contact Pat Sutton on or call 045 530777