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Strategic Business Planning for SMEs and Family Businesses

Businesses who should undertake the O’KellySutton Strategic Business Planning (SBP) programme are those who:

want to achieve growth –  taking on new owners or investors – launching new products – moving into new markets – increasing size of workforce – looking to kick start their business – next generation joining the business – where buying a new or bolt on business

Strategic planning is about making decisions on how you are going to win, beat the competition and become a leader in your market.

It takes perseverance, vision and drive to create a valuable business. We understand this and our aim is to work with clients supporting them in meeting their objectives.

To feel more in control of your own destiny it is vital to have a clear plan of what you want and how you can achieve this, in a realistic way. It’s important to take a little time-out, to build a clear strategy and enhance your focus and direction.

The O’KellySutton SBP programme allows you to take time out to ask questions, evaluate your options, question where are you now, deciding where you want to go and mapping out how you will get there. We push our clients to identify success gaps, what changes you can make to affect your bottom line profit, which strategic objectives will you prioritise, and committing to a process and actions to ensure implementation of your plans.

Our cost effective interactive Strategic Services enables you to do just this with us, in an innovative way. O’KellySutton have developed an SBP Programme specifically for SME’s and Family Run businesses.

  • Looking at what are the most important things to you and your business
  • Articulating your business objectives
  • Focusing on growth plans and their financial impact
  • Prioritising your next actions

You can then focus on implementation of the plans with fresh inspiration and with our support.

The cornerstone of the SBP programme is a 1 day workshop in OKS Offices where Pat Sutton facilitates the development of your plan with you the owners of the business. Prior to the workshop OKS carries out some financial and market analysis of your business. The workshop modules include Personal Objectives & Business Objectives, Products & Services, Sales & Marketing, Management, Financial Outcomes, Identify Implementation Projects and Actions. Following the workshop the Strategy Report will be completed and circulated within 7 days.

Only expert business accountants can facilitate this process and O’KellySutton have been doing this for over 20 years.

If you want to grow your business you should contact Pat Sutton at O’KellySutton Kildare Business Accountants, 086 2523637 or for more details on the process.