To manage and grow your business you need to keep track of and analyse its performance on a regular basis. O’KellySutton delivers thorough and truly customised financial management solutions. O’KellySutton have a very extensive ‘financial toolbox’ that has been developed over the last 20 years. It is critical that all business owners and financial managers have the necessary resources at hand which can be used to deliver accurate and timely financial information from which decisions can be made.

For example can you accurately report:

  1. your net profit last month and year to date?
  2. your gross profit last month and year to date?
  3. your budget for the year?
  4. financial performance against budget?
  5. cash improvement last month and year to date?
  6. value of current sales pipeline?
  7. what value are you delivering to you customers?
  8. what is your return on capital employed?
  9. what cash you need next month and quarter to deliver your strategy?
  10. what improvements you need to make next month and next quarter?


If you cant measure it, you cant manage it !