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The Personal Insolvency Bill

30th March 2012

The two main aims of modern bankruptcy law are to return funds to creditors and to rehabilitate the debtor. In Ireland, bankruptcy remains a punitive regime from which it is almost impossible to recover and to resume a normal career or business life, according to Séan Kelly, RSM Farrell Grant Sparks.

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Courts get tough on Tax Evaders

23rd March 2012

Recently the Dublin Circuit Court found a man guilty and sentenced him to jail for four years for failing to pay VAT on 119 second hand cars to the value of €226,718. He has since paid the tax of €226,718 that was due. The Judge, Martin Nolan said that sometimes tax evaders thought they could…

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Government announces Jobs Initiative – ‘Connect Ireland’ (March 2012)

22nd March 2012

It will be interesting to see what take up there will be on the latest Government jobs initiative launched “Succeed in Ireland”. It is an innovative programme, launched on 8th March 2012. It aims to create 5000 jobs within five years by targeting international companies and business people, who would otherwise not be reached by…

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Government announces Entrepreneurship Development Programme – ‘New Frontiers’ (Feb 2012)

22nd March 2012

Pat Sutton of O’KellySutton Chartered Accountants and Strategic Business Advisors is pleased to see another Entrepreneurship initiative launched. The government announced a new national entrepreneurship development programme ‘New Frontiers’ in February 2012. It will be delivered at a local level through Institutes of Technology throughout Ireland.

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Tax liability for Pensioners?

9th January 2012

It’s hard to believe how Revenue can get something like this so wrong, but they have. 115,000 letters have being dispatched to pensioners resulting in 20,000 worried pensioners contacting the Revenue helpline on Friday and Saturday past, with phone lines expected to be ‘busy’ again today when they reopen. So how did Revenue get it…

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Are you fit to be a Company Director

20th October 2011

Individuals acting as company directors in 2011 are more aware than ever of the precarious nature of the role, given that many small to medium sized companies in particular are finding trading difficult. We at O’KellySutton Accountants are continually being asked to advise directors on best practice for good corporate governance. Corporate governance is relevant…

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Maternity Benefit Ireland – have you overpaid tax and PRSI

17th October 2011

Maternity Benefit – have you overpaid tax and PRSI? Maternity benefit is not regarded as Income and should not be taxed. However, many employers make the mistake of over taxing their employees whilst they are out on maternity leave. This can happen if you continue to pay your employee their full wage as normal and…

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O’Kelly Sutton Organise IntertradeIreland Seminar in Kildare

3rd October 2011

Here is a recent press article of an event I organised to highlight an area of possible funding for businesses who trade with Northern Ireland. Picture on left – Paddy Savage (Intertrade Ireland) , Patrick Sutton (O’Kelly Sutton) and Peter Donnelly (Secret Cellar)

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Business Banking 2011 style

29th September 2011

For many SME’s and family businesses, dealing with banks has become a real challenge in 2011. As is common knowledge banks are under massive pressure trying to deal with the fallout from years of excess. Simply put they are short of funds, so have a real difficulty themselves. There are dealing with massive property related loan defaults and…

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The Revenue Commissioners are Coming

3rd August 2011

Beware – Revenue Commissioners are coming your way ! Over 90% of revenue audits are selected for a reason, meaning the chances of a random Revenue Audit is small. However recently Revenue are getting a lot smarter in their approach as we highlight with examples below;

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