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Financial and Business Advisory 

We help you with Financial Planning

To manage and grow your business you need to keep track of and analyse its performance on a regular basis. O’KellySutton delivers thorough and truly customised financial management solutions. O’KellySutton have a very extensive ‘financial toolbox’ that has been developed over the last 20 years. It is critical that all business owners and financial managers have the necessary resources at hand which can be used to deliver accurate and timely financial information from which decisions can be made.

For example can you accurately report:

  1. your net profit last month and year to date?
  2. your gross profit last month and year to date?
  3. your budget for the year?
  4. financial performance against budget?
  5. cash improvement last month and year to date?
  6. value of current sales pipeline?
  7. what value are you delivering to you customers?
  8. what is your return on capital employed?
  9. what cash you need next month and quarter to deliver your strategy?
  10. what improvements you need to make next month and next quarter?

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it!

We offer you Business Advisory

Strategic Business Planning is about making decisions on how you are going to win, beat the competition and become a leader in your market.

At O’KellySutton you will take time out to evaluate your options, question where are you now, deciding where you want to go and mapping out how you will get there. We push our clients to identify success gaps, what changes you can make to affect your bottom line profit, which strategic objectives will you prioritise, and committing to a process and actions to ensure implementation of your plans.

Following participation on one of our growth programmes you will improve your business performance, grow revenues and maximise profits through rigorous implementation using our implementation tools

O’KellySutton Accountants Kildare offers a wide range of tailored business planning and restructuring solutions including:

  • Strategic Business Planning programmes tailored for SME’s and Family Owned Businesses
  • Business Plans ‘fit for purpose’
  • Implementation programmes
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Rapid ‘upscaling’ 90 day Business Plans
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate Recovery
  • Business Management
  • Business Process reviews
  • New Department / Branch / Joint Venture / Multinational set-up’s
  • New Business Start-ups
  • Business mergers and acquisitions including full scale due diligence and price negotiations
  • Business disposals and company valuations
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Fund Raising
  • Wealth Management
  • Succession Planning for family owned businesses
  • Bank Proposals and Bank Relationship Management

O’KellySutton are active trusted partners for more information contact Pat Sutton on 045 530777

What clients say about us?

“To help take our growing business to the next stage of growth we recently hired O’Kelly Sutton to help create a Strategic Plan for our business. The process itself was extremely insightful. An initial off-site day allowed us to examine all aspects of the business from the outside in. Pat and the team at O’Kelly Sutton helped us to view the business and the objectives from a completely alternative perspective. We quickly started to identify bottle necks and possible solutions to implement this. The session itself helped energise us and focus on the most important targets as well as a full review of our model. From this initial session alone, we took away a lot of learnings and concepts. The session was followed up over a number of days and the result was a Strategic Business Plan with monthly goals and targets over a 5-year period as well as an updated model which will be reviewed regularly. The O’Kelly Sutton Team spent a lot of time listening and learning about our business before drawing up the strategic business plan. The business was examined from a financial, HR and customer level as well as internal practices. I cannot recommend this session highly enough. We now view the O’Kelly Sutton team as a trusted advisor in the background who are available whenever we need to provide advice and keep us clearly focused on our goals.”

Brian Egan, CEO. Purple Decks Ltd

“We have been dealing with O’Kelly Sutton since 2007. We turned to them when we were facing enormous financial challenges and difficulties in our business, basically were in trouble with our banks. Thanks, in no small measure to Pat, Patrick and his team we turned around the business and are now trading exceptional well. They helped us in all facades of the business from bookkeeping, tax compliance, financial management and reporting, banking and restructuring, we seek their advice every time we have to make an important business decision.” 

Ger Hyland CEO Hyland Transport Group (Nov 2016)

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